Speedboat Key Location in Miami – Hitman 2

Speedboat Key Location in Miami – Hitman 2

A guide on how to get the Speedboat Key in Miami while playing Hitman 2.

This guide shows how to get the Speedboat Key while playing on the Miami map in Hitman 2. Players can get the Speedboat Key with or without the use of unlocks.

Speedboat Key Location

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The Speedboat Key is found in the boat rental building next to the Pier, but the doors to the building are locked. Agent 47 must pick the lock, use the Boat Rental Key, or cause an explosion to open one of the doors.

Players should use the Lockpick MK II as the easiest method to get inside, unlocked at Mastery Level 2 in Miami. Mastery Level 2 should unlock after a single completion of the Miami level.

The Boat Rental Key is the best option if the Lockpick MK II isn’t available. Subdue the guard walking around the Pier to get the Boat Rental Key, but incapacitate the Florida Man first to avoid being detected. Hide both bodies in the crate on the Pier. Throw items near the crate to move the Florida Man to the crate, subdue him, then hide the body. Do the same to the security guard when he returns. Grab the Boat Rental Key he dropped and use it to unlock one of the two doors into the building. The Speedboat Key is on the counter inside.

Use an explosion to get inside the boat rental building if no other method is available. Use an explosive device from Agent 47’s inventory, or find something that goes boom in the map. There are several propane tanks just north of the Podium Building. Players must sneak back there to get them, but it’s a painless process.

That’s the Speedboat Key location and how to get it on the Miami map of Hitman 2, but be sure to check out more Hitman 2 content on Guide Stash. Players can keep tabs on new content by visiting the IO Interactive website.