How to Get Spider Silk – Grounded

How to Get Spider Silk – Grounded

Getting spider silk in Grounded can be a dangerous task. We'll show you how to get it.

Collecting items in Grounded can come with a risk depending on what you need. One item is a little more dangerous to acquire than others: spider silk. This guide will show you how to get spider silk in Grounded.

How to Get Spider Silk

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While some areas of the backyard are safer than others, Grounded is a survival game that is full of danger no matter what you do. If you are looking to collect spider silk, you will need to put yourself in a little danger.

Getting spider silk will be no easy task, as you will have to put yourself in harm’s way. Your first task is to find a spider web. They can be found near fencing, underground, or even attached to plants.

After you have located a spider web, use the Pebblet Axe that you crafted to chop some down. Spider silk will be automatically stored in your inventory, so you won’t have to worry about picking it up. Make sure you keep an eye out for spiders, since you are disturbing their web.

Spider silk is used to craft various armor, tools, and weapons that will aid in your survival. We have a list of items that spider silk is used in below.

  • Basketball Hoop
  • Bee Face Mask and Shin Guards
  • Dew Collector
  • Insect Axe
  • Insect Bow
  • Mint Mallet
  • Spider Fang Dagger
  • Spider Knee Pads and Should Guard
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Stinger Spear
  • Super Armor Glue
  • Tripwire Bomb

I recommend crafting the Dew Collector as your first item, as this allows you to store and collect water. Now that you know how to get spider silk, put some of your new items to the test and try to collect some Grub Hide. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Grounded content.