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The Pebblet Axe is one of the most important items that players will craft in Grounded.

There are many tools players can craft to aid in their survival in Grounded. One of those tools is required early on in the game. This guide will help you learn how to craft a Pebblet Axe in Grounded.

How to Craft a Pebblet Axe

Grounded is a pretty unforgiving game when it comes to crafting tools. In order to get a recipe, players have to pick up materials they find throughout their journey. Getting these materials will unlock a recipe for an item or tool that can be crafted.

One of the most important items players will need to craft early in the game is the Pebblet Axe. The Pebblet Axe lets you cut down blades of grass and other objects that you must use to craft many other items. Here is what you will need to collect to make the Pebblet Axe.

  • Sprig x3
  • Pebblet x2
  • Woven Fiber x1

Sprigs and Pebblets are going to be easier to find since they are abundant and easy to locate. The Woven Fiber will be a little more difficult to get. Players must first find Plant Fiber along the ground. I suggest collecting plenty of Plant Fiber, as Woven Fiber is a key crafting component in various items. Once you have collected enough Plant Fiber, head back to the Field Station and interact with the Resource Analyzer. Remember where your Field Station is, as it will come in handy when you need to analyze more items.

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Now that we have all the necessary items, open your Inventory, scroll to Craft, select Tools, and craft your Pebblet Axe. Crafting the Pebblet Axe should be one of the first items you craft in Grounded.

The Pebblet Axe is good for chopping blades of grass and defending yourself from any bugs or insects that try to harm you unless you are looking to take on some Grubs. If it’s Grubs you’re looking for, be sure to check out our Grubs location guide. Stay tuned to Guide Stash for more Grounded content.

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In Grounded, players are shrunken to the size of an ant and tasked with surviving in the unique micro-world of a suburban backyard. Players must gather, craft and build bases with everyday objects found within the yard, searching for life-saving resources and living alongside giant, peaceful insects while fighting to survive massive hostile inhabitants.