Where to Visit Food Trucks in Fortnite

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Grab a bite on the go while visiting food trucks for this Fortnite Chapter 2 Overtime Challenge.

Fortnite’s Overtime Challenges are now available for Season 1 of Chapter 2. Overtime Challenges offer a series of missions that players can complete for additional Season XP before the end of the season. Not only do these missions help players finish off their Battle Pass, they also allow players to unlock new outfit styles and cosmetic items. For this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the Overtime Challenge that involves visiting different food trucks in Fortnite.

All Food Trucks in Fortnite

For this challenge, all you need to do is visit three different food trucks in Fortnite. It’s a relatively easy mission to complete, provided you know where to look for each food truck in-game. That’s where this guide comes in handy. We’ve circled four food truck locations in Fortnite on the map below. This is more than enough to complete this Overtime Mission for Season 1 of Chapter 2. We have also included details on exactly where to find each food truck so that you know what to look for.

Durrr Burger Food Truck

Starting at the north side of the map, you’ll find the Durrr Burger food truck just northwest of Pleasant Park in map grid section D2. It is in the picnic area below the snowy hill.

Pizza Pit Food Truck

The Pizza Pit food truck in Fortnite is found near the center of the map in grid section D4, southeast of Salty Springs. It’s not too far from the river for those traveling by motorboat.

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Fork Knife Food Truck

The Fork Knife food truck is in F5, to the north of Lazy Lake. Look for it along the roadside at the base of a hill.

Snow Cones Food Truck

The Snow Cones food truck in Fortnite is found atop the snowy mountains in the southeast section of the map in grid G7. It’s just around the corner from the Weather Station that players danced at for one of the Forged in Slurp missions earlier this season.

There you have it. You only need to visit three different food trucks in Fortnite, so choose the ones closest to wherever you happen to land so that you can get this mission out of the way. Check back here for more Overtime Challenge guides in Fortnite before the season ends in February.

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