Where to Land on Bullseyes in Fortnite

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Land on these bullseyes in Fortnite to knock out this quick Season X challenge.

If you’re hoping to clean up some last-minute challenges in Fortnite before the end of Season X, then you’ll want to make sure you land on different Bullseyes in Battle Royale. This will mark off one of the Bullseye challenges and grant you additional Battle Stars depending on how far you are into this set of missions. Continue reading to find out where to land on different Bullseyes in Fortnite.

Land at Different Bullseyes

We know of at least three Bullseye locations in Fortnite. Luckily, that’s how many you’ll need to land on to complete this challenge. We have circled all three Bullseye locations on the map below. Here’s a brief description of where to find each one.

  • C6 – North of Greasy Grove
  • B8 – Southeast of Frosty Flights
  • G9 – On a desert mesa northeast of Lucky Landing

You’ll need to aim for each Bullseye upon dropping from the Battle Bus at the start of the match. Thus, this challenge should take at least three matches to complete. After landing on a Bullseye, make sure to finish the match as you normally would. Don’t back out early, otherwise your efforts won’t count toward the challenge.

The end of Fortnite Season X is approaching fast, but there’s still time to finish up any remaining challenges and level up your Battle Pass. Check out our guides on where to dance at different telescopes and where to find lost spray cans to clean up some older challenges that you might have missed.

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