Where to Find Lost Spray Cans in Fortnite

Where to Find Lost Spray Cans in Fortnite

Follow our guide to track down the five lost spray cans in Fortnite for this Season X Spray and Pray challenge.

As the name suggests, Fortnite’s Spray and Pray challenges will have you reaching for your spray can in Fortnite. That can be taken quite literally in the case of this challenge, which requires players to find five lost spray cans in Fortnite. We’ll show you where to go to find the spray cans and be on your merry way.

Spray Can Locations in Fortnite

On the map below, we’ve circled a handful of locations where you can find lost spray cans in Fortnite. At each spray can location, there is a spray-painted image of some graffiti art nearby (shown in the header image above). If you spot the graffiti art, then you’ll know that a spray can is somewhere close by. Collect five spray cans in Fortnite to complete this Spray and Pray challenge.

Spray Cans Fortnite Map 1024x1024 - Where to Find Lost Spray Cans in Fortnite



Here’s a more detailed explanation of where to find each spray can in Fortnite:

  • There is a spray can in Junk Junction. Search near the fence along the north side of the area. You’ll find the spray can hidden in a pile of debris. While you’re here, make sure to spray the junkyard crane to finish part of another Spray and Pray challenge.
  • Search the lower section of the umbrella mine to the south of The Block. Look for a stop sign on the wall around the corner. A spray can will be on the ground behind some barrels.
  • You can collect another spray can at the end of the lava stream that flows away from Pressure Plant. It’s on a small platform behind a pillar near the tunnel entrance.
  • In the desert region, you can find another spray can hidden near the junkyard to the southeast of Paradise Palms. Outside the junkyard’s east fence, look for a cactus near a rock with the graffiti image on it. A few steps away you’ll find the spray can beside a tree and a pile of rocks.
  • Head to the nightclub tucked away in the unnamed location full of warehouses northeast of Happy Hamlet. Look for a small campfire outside the nightclub on its west side. The spray can should be lying beside the tent.
  • In Shifty Shafts, there is a spray can tucked within one of the hidden mine chambers. Break through the walls of the mine shaft to find a room that contains a chest. Look for a spray can on the ground to the left of the opening.
  • One more spray can is hidden near the end of the waterfall south of the Viking Village. This one is a bit tricky to get, as the ice will send you sliding as you try to search the spray can.

Although this challenge is a bit time consuming, there are more than enough spray can locations listed here to help you complete this Spray and Pray challenge rather easily. Check out our other Fortnite Season X guides for more challenge tips.