Where to Find Jonesy Hidden Behind a Fence in Fortnite

Learn where to find Jonesy hidden behind a fence in Fortnite’s latest LTM, Downtown Drop.

Fortnite’s Michael Jordan crossover event comes complete with a dedicated LTM, Downtown Drop, and a series of challenges. One of those challenges says to find Jonesy hidden behind a fence somewhere in the new LTM. Since it can be difficult to take in the scenery in the slip-sliding game mode, we’ll explain where to go to find Jonesy behind a fence so you can knock out this challenge and earn your reward.

Where to Find Jonesy Behind a Fence in Fortnite

Jonesy is one of Fortnite’s original characters. You won’t be looking for any sort of NPC, however. The Jonesy you’re looking for in Downtown Drop is a cardboard cutout.

Jonesy is hidden in multiple locations throughout the Downtown Drop course. The Jonesy we feel is easiest to find is hidden in an alleyway near the last leg of the course. At the start of the race, slide down the street through the main part of the course past the first two downhill drops.

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When you reach the two food trucks on the left corner, keep toward the left wall as you slide down the next drop. Along the left wall, look for an opening with a picture of fries nearby. This leads to an alleyway with Jonesy at the far end. You may have to hit the wooden barricade to slow down enough to enter the alleyway. Open the fence gate at the end and approach Jonesy to complete the challenge. Be sure to grab the golden shoe as well.

Alternatively, there is also a Jonesy behind a grate in one of the underground tunnels just before the path shoots you out to the exit. There is another Jonesy on the far side of the basketball court on the left after the first drop, though we aren’t sure how to reach him. Stick with the Jonesy location we explained above if you want to get this challenge done quickly.

Finding Jonesy hidden behind a fence in Fortnite will unlock the Wings Spray. If this is the first Downtown Drop challenge you’ve completed, then you will also earn the Back Board Back Bling for your character. Check out our other Fortnite guides for more Season 9 challenges.