Where to Find Fortbyte 75 in Fortnite

Where to Find Fortbyte 75 in Fortnite

We’ll show you where to find and pick up Fortbyte 75 and reveal yet another mystery tile in Fortnite.

We’re almost at the end of Season 9 in Fortnite, but there are still plenty of Fortbytes to collect each day. One of the most recently revealed collectibles is Fortbyte 75, which can be found within an airport hangar. This one is easy to collect if you know where to look. Follow this guide to find out exactly where to go to find Fortbyte 75 in an airport hanger in Fortnite.

Fortbyte #75 – Found Within an Airport Hangar

Luckily, you won’t need to equip any special items or emotes to collect Fortbyte 75. All you need to know is where to look for it. According to the Fortbyte’s description, it is found within an airport hangar in Fortnite.

Based on this description, the most obvious place to search for Fortbyte 75 is Frosty Flights. This named location has been the main airport in Fortnite since Epic Games introduced the X-4 Stormwing planes back in Season 7. Although the flying vehicles were vaulted a season later, the Frosty Flights airport hangar still remains along the southwest edge of the map in Battle Royale.

Fortbyte 75 Airport Hangar Location 1024x576 - Where to Find Fortbyte 75 in Fortnite


Once you arrive at Frosty Flights, make your way down to the hangar closest to the edge of the island, at the southwest end of the runway. Enter the front of the hangar and search under some scaffolding in the back-right corner to discover Fortbyte 75.

Collecting Fortbyte 75 should be relatively quick and painless. However, there are some other Fortbytes that require a bit more effort. Be sure to check out our other Fortbyte guides for help with the more difficult ones to find.

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