Where is the Hidden “O” in Fortnite Chapter 2?

Find out where to search for the hidden letter “O” from the Open Water loading screen in Fortnite.

After completing the full set of Open Water missions in Fortnite Chapter 2, players will be rewarded with a special loading screen. Hidden within the Open Water loading screen is the location of the letter ‘O’ in Battle Royale. Follow this guide to find out where to search the hidden “O” in the Open Water loading screen in Fortnite.

Hidden Letter “O” Location

The Open Water loading screen depicts a pair of characters riding a motorboat and catching a fish using the newly added fishing feature in Fortnite. If you look closely at the image, you’ll see a small blue “O” underneath the patio of the boathouse in the background. Still can’t spot the “O”? We’ve circled it on the Open Water loading screen below.

Fortnite Chapter 2 came with a slew of map changes, including brand new locations and points of interest. Even for the experienced players, it can be difficult to determine where this boathouse is located on the map. We’re here to help you speed up the process by showing you exactly where to go to find the hidden “O” in Fortnite on the map below.

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The Open Water loading screen points to a boathouse found at Craggy Cliffs, located on the far north shore of the new Battle Royale map. Head to Craggy Cliffs and make your way to the northernmost building. This building is the boathouse. Simply search beneath the north deck to find and search the hidden “O”.

You will need to have completed all of the Open Water missions before searching for the “O”. Each week of missions will reward players with a new loading screen that contains another hidden letter. By the end of this season, the hidden letters will combine to spell out “FORTNITE”. Be sure to check back here each week for more letter locations in Fortnite Chapter 2. If you missed the previous hidden letter, head over to our guide on where to search the hidden “F” in Fortnite.