Visit an Oversized Phone, Big Piano, and Giant Dancing Fish Trophy in Fortnite

We’ll show you where to visit these three huge landmarks in Fortnite for Week 2 of Season 9.

Players who have been keeping busy with the Fortbyte challenges in Fortnite may have all but forgotten about the weekly challenges. Week 2 of Season 9 is officially upon us, which means there are new Battle Pass challenges to complete. The challenge involving an oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy may leave you scratching your head. We’ve put together this guide to show you where to visit each one and knock out this challenge.

This Week 2 challenge requires players to visit an oversized phone, a big piano, and a giant dancing fish trophy in Fortnite. While some of these landmarks may sound familiar, it’s easier just to know exactly where to go. Below, we’ve listed where to visit each of these landmarks so you can quickly complete this challenge.

Where to Visit an Oversized Phone in Fortnite

There are currently two oversized phones in Fortnite, one in the north and one further south. If you recall dialing up Durrr Burger and Pizza Pit on their respective giant phones in Season 8, you’ll know where to go to visit the oversized phones for this challenge. For those who don’t know where to find the phones, we’ve circled their locations on the map below.

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The large, red Pizza Pit phone is just east of The Block near the northern edge of the island. Alternatively, the white Durrr Burger phone is found on top of a snowy mountain west of Fatal Fields near the edge of the frozen biome. Visit either one of these oversized phones to complete the requirement for this Week 2 challenge.

Where to Visit a Big Piano in Fortnite

For this challenge, players must also visit a big piano in Fortnite. Players who have kept up with challenges from seasons past may remember that there is a big piano keyboard near the east edge of the map, not far from Lonely Lodge. Head north of the old superhero mansion to find the big piano near a cliff. Simply walk up to the big piano to have it count for the challenge.

Where to Visit a Giant Dancing Fish Trophy in Fortnite

Finally, players will need to visit a giant dancing fish trophy in Fortnite. The giant fish trophy is wedged in the roof of a building to the southwest of the new Mega Mall. The building you’re looking for has a brown rooftop and is not far from the Slipstream. We’ve circled the location of the giant dancing fish trophy on the map below.

It doesn’t matter which order you visit each of these landmarks in. The challenge is not a multi-stage challenge, so you can visit each landmark in whatever order is most convenient.

As usual, you must complete each of these steps in a Battle Royale match and then complete the match normally. Backing out early or playing in Playground mode will not allow you to complete weekly challenges like this one. Once you have visited an oversized phone, big piano, and giant dancing fish trophy in Fortnite, this Week 2 challenge for Season 9 will be complete.

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