Stone Head Statue, Durrr Burger Head, and Dinosaur in Fortnite

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We’ll show you where to visit these three notable landmarks in Fortnite for Season X.

Fortnite Season 10 (or as Fortnite calls it, Season X) has finally begun. With the new season comes a series of new Battle Pass challenges for players to complete. However, the whole challenge structure has been overhauled for Season X. Instead of weekly challenges, the challenges have been grouped by theme. In this guide, we’ll show you how to visit a Durrr Burger head, a dinosaur, and a stone head statue to complete one of the Road Trip challenges for Season X.

Visit a Durrr Burger Head, Dinosaur, and Stone Head Statue

The Road Trip challenges in Season X seem to harken back to bygone seasons of Fortnite. Some challenges task players with visiting familiar landmarks from previous seasons. One such challenge requires players to visit a Drift-painted Durrr Burger head, a dinosaur, and stone head statue in Fortnite. We’ve circled each of the locations on the map below and have provided a brief description of where to find each object.

Stone Head Statue Location

Since finding the Stone Head Statue in Fortnite for Season X has proved a bit tricky, we’re starting with that landmark first. The Stone Head Statue is found in the snow biome near the frozen lake, just north of Polar Peak. The Stone Head Statue resembles a Moai, the kind that used to be scattered all over the Battle Royale map several seasons ago.

Drift-painted Durrr Burger Head Location

The Durrr Burger head in question is not the holographic one in Neo Tilted. Instead, you’re looking for the mascot head that sits atop a hill to the east of Pleasant Park. It has a Drift image painted on its tongue. Simply approach the Durrr Burger head to trigger the challenge.

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Dinosaur Location

If you’ve been playing Fortnite for a while, then you probably know exactly where to visit dinosaurs for this challenge. The dinosaur statues are standing along the road to the south of Paradise Palms in the desert region.

Once you have visited a Drift-painted Durrr Burger Head, a dinosaur, and a Stone Head Statue in Fortnite, you’ll complete the first Road Trip challenge for Season X. As you complete Road Trip challenges, new challenges will be unlocked in the section. Be sure to check back here for more challenge guides for Fortnite Season 10.

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