Search the XP Drop in Fortnite Chaos Rising Loading Screen

Here’s where to find the hidden XP Drop in the Chaos Rising loading screen in Fortnite.

Players who have diligently collected the hidden letters throughout the first season of Chapter 2 should now have the Sorana skin in Fortnite. There’s still more collectibles to find, however. Completing eight of the Chaos Rising missions will grant players with one more loading screen that contains several hidden items. This guide will explain where to search the XP Drop in the Chaos Rising loading screen in Fortnite for those who want some extra XP before the end of the season.

Chaos Rising Loading Screen XP Drop Location

The Chaos Rising loading screen features a Fortnite character studying a series of TV monitors. If you look closely at the monitor just to the right of the character’s elbow, you’ll spot a familiar figure–Kevin the Cube. Near the lower right-hand corner of the cube screen is what appears to be an XP Drop icon.

Veteran Fortnite players will likely recognize this location as the Kevin the Cube memorial, which is found in the southwest corner of Steamy Stacks. This named location is on the northeast edge of the Fortnite map in Chapter 2, Season 1. We’ve circled the location on the map below for your convenience.

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Drop into Steamy Stacks and make your way toward the southwest side of the power plant. When you find the memorial to Kevin the Cube, search near the base of the cube statue. The XP Drop icon should pop up, provided you have completed at least eight Chaos Rising challenges. Search the XP Drop to collect the goods and be on your way.

The XP Drop isn’t the only item hidden in the Chaos Rising loading screen in Fortnite. The image also points to the location of Sorana’s pickaxe and back bling as well. Epic Games has extended the first season of Fortnite Chapter 2 into February 2020, so there’s still plenty of time to earn the Sorana skin and finish up any challenges you may have missed throughout the season. Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides if you need a nudge in the right direction.