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We’ll show you where to hunt for vault symbols for this special Borderlands-themed challenge in Fortnite.

After Epic teased an image featuring what looked like a Psycho from Borderlands, fans predicted that a Borderlands 3 crossover event was on its way to Fortnite. This prediction turned out to be true, and there are now a series of Borderlands-inspired challenges awaiting players in-game. One of the Welcome to Pandora challenges tasks players with searching different vault symbols in Fortnite. Follow our guide below to learn where to hunt down each vault symbol and complete this crossover challenge.

Vault Symbols in Fortnite

The Vault Hunter symbol is a signature icon of the Borderlands franchise. It depicts a sort of inverted V shape with a circle around it. Before you jump into the game, it’s worth noting that a new Borderlands-style Rift Zone has appeared in Fortnite on the southwest side of the desert region. The new Rift Zone, aptly named Pandora, comes complete with cel-shaded signs and structures to give it that Borderlands look.

The vault symbols in Fortnite are bright red and rather easy to spot. All three of the vault symbols for this challenge are found within the new Pandora region, southwest of Paradise Palms. We’ve circled their locations on the map below and have provided brief descriptions of where to look for each one.

Vault Symbol #1

Perhaps the easiest vault symbol to find is the one on the back of the Welcome sign at Pandora’s west entrance.

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Vault Symbol #2

Players can find another vault symbol on a yellow scrap metal door within the small town across the street from the Welcome sign. It’s to the left of the main entrance when approaching from the street.

Vault Symbol #3

The last vault symbol is on the side of a yellow shipping container just north of the desert oasis. It’s the middle of the three stacked shipping containers. You’ll find the symbol on the back side, opposite the oasis.

After you’ve searched all three vault symbols in Fortnite, you’ll earn a new banner as part of the limited-time Welcome to Pandora challenges. Complete every Borderlands crossover challenge to earn a unique Mayhem weapon wrap. Check back here for more Fortnite x Mayhem guides!

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