How to Replay the Unvaulting Event in Fortnite

How to Replay the Unvaulting Event in Fortnite

Though Season 8 is just about over, you can still get a firsthand look at the Unvaulting Event from within the Fortnite game client, even if you missed it live. Here's how.

Last weekend, Epic Games hosted a special in-game Unvaulting event to close out the end of Season 8 in Fortnite. Players who queued up for a match in Fortnite at a specific time had the opportunity to partake in the event and witness various map changes for Season 9 firsthand (R.I.P. Tilted Towers).

While many players got the chance to participate in the Season 8 Unvaulting event and cast their votes, a lot of players had trouble getting into a match queue and subsequently missed out on witnessing the Unvaulting firsthand. Although he event is over, Epic has found a way to allow players to rewatch the event from within the game client as a replay. We’ll explain how to replay the Unvaulting event in Fortnite in a few simple steps.

Epic has created a replay file of the Unvaulting event in Fortnite so that players who missed out can still witness the events unfold from a player perspective. This essentially involves downloading Epic’s replay file and adding it to your Fortnite replay folder so that you can watch it from within the game client. You’re basically rewatching the VOD of a match during the Unvaulting event, as if you had played the match yourself.

How to Replay the Season 8 Unvaulting Event

Before you can replay the Unvaulting event from the Fortnite game client, you must first download the Unvaulting Event replay file from the Epic Games website. The file should be named “TheUnvaulting_Event.replay”.

These instructions are for replaying the file on PC, though there may be a way to do this on consoles as well. Once you have downloaded the replay file, follow the steps below to watch it from within the game client.

  • Load up Fortnite and open the Battle Royale game mode. Check to make sure your game is updated to the latest version.
  • Select the Career tab in the upper left part of the display, where the replays of your previous matches can be found.
  • Within the Replays section, select the “Open Replay Folder” button on the bottom right.
  • On your PC, navigate to the folder where you originally downloaded the Unvaulting Event replay file from Epic’s website. Move or drop the file into the Replay Folder.
  • Now, return to Fortnite and select the Refresh button at the bottom of the screen. This should allow the new Unvaulting Event replay file to appear in your list of replays.
  • If the replay file doesn’t show up, restart the game client.
  • Select the file and press Play to load the file and rewatch the event.
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Watch the Event Online

Although you won’t be able to directly participate in the action, watching the replay is the next closest thing to being at the event itself. If you don’t want to bother with the steps above or if you don’t play on PC, then you can always just watch a YouTube video of the event, such as the one below from KingJoe83.

We’re just days away from the start of Season 9 in Fortnite, which means you still have some time to finish up any remaining Battle Pass challenges. Head over to our Fortnite guides to knock out some of the game’s trickier challenges.