How to Get the Stay Smooth Spray in Fortnite

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Stay Smooth with this shiny new Fortnite spray, courtesy of Epic Games.

If you haven’t logged onto Fortnite recently, you may not know about the new Stay Smooth spray that was added alongside today’s v10.10 patch update. The Stay Smooth spray is a free in-game spray that comes courtesy of Epic Games. You can check out the Stay Smooth spray and how to get it below.

How to Get the Stay Smooth Spray

Starting today, Epic is gifting out the Smooth Spray to all Fortnite players. All you have to do to get the Stay Smooth spray is log into the game and select one of the game modes. A notification screen should then appear, showing you that you have received the new spray.

The Stay Smooth spray depicts a colorful blender full of what is most likely a banana-man smoothie, similar to the Smoothie Back Bling that was rewarded during Season 9’s 14 Days of Summer event. Stay Smooth is an Uncommon spray. However, it would make a bit more sense to label it as Common, considering it’s given out to every player. Nonetheless, it’s not bad for a free spray cosmetic. The Stay Smooth spray is also an animated spray, meaning it gives off a holographic sheen.

The spray is a reward to commemorate the launch of Fortnite’s new Middle East servers. These servers have been a long-requested feature among the Fortnite community. Earlier this year, Epic addressed the lack of Fortnite servers for the Middle East region in a tweet on the official Fortnite account. It’s nice to see that Epic has not only resolved the issue, but that they are also celebrating with a free cosmetic item for players worldwide.

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Now that you know how to get the Stay Smooth spray, you can equip it and use it to finish up some of the Spray and Prey challenges in Fortnite, including the one that requires spraying a fountain, junkyard crane, and vending machine.

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