How to Find Hot Spots in Fortnite

How to Find Hot Spots in Fortnite

Here’s where to find hot spots throughout the map in Fortnite Season 9.

Season 9 is in full swing in Fortnite, with the Week 6 challenges debuting on the final day of E3 2019. While most of the Week 6 challenges are pretty self-explanatory, there is at least one challenge that may leave some players scratching their heads. Namely, it’s the multi-stage challenge that requires players to perform tasks at hot spots. We’ll explain what hot spots are in Fortnite so that you can finish each stage of this Week 6 challenge.

What is a Hot Spot in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, hot spots are simply the named locations whose names appear in gold on the map in Battle Royale. Hot spots tend to have more loot and better quality items, which is what makes them a hot spot in the first place. For this reason, expect more players to land at hot spots than other locations. Hot spots are selected at random, so a hot spot in one match may not be a hot spot in the next match.

You can see which points of interest have been granted hot spot status by looking for the ones with yellow/gold lettering on the map at the start of a match. Typically, there is always at least one hot spot in each match in Fortnite. Sometimes there will be multiple hot spot locations, which can help you complete this challenge faster.

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Hot Spot Challenges

The Week 6 hot spot challenge consists of three stages. You must complete each stage in order, meaning you need to complete stage one to unlock stage two, etc. It’s also a free challenge, so don’t worry about owning the upgraded Battle Pass.

Here are the requirements for each stage of this challenge:

  1. Search chests at a Hot Spot (3)
  2. Search ammo boxes at a Hot Spot (3)
  3. Elimination at a Hot Spot (1)
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When you enter a match, simply bring up the map to see which location has been marked as a hot spot, and land there as fast as possible. You’ll need to move fast for the first two stages if you want to beat other players to the objectives. Finding an enemy to eliminate at a hot spot should be very easy to do, as long as you get a weapon fast.

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