How to Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye in Fortnite

How to Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye in Fortnite

Retrieve Claptrap’s eye to knock out one of the limited-time Pandora challenges in Fortnite.

The Fortnite x Mayhem crossover event is well underway, and there’s an assortment of Borderlands-themed challenges for players to complete during this limited-time event. One challenge requires you to retrieve Claptrap’s missing eye and return it to him. This challenge isn’t too difficult if you know where to go. We’ll explain where to find Claptrap’s missing eye and how to bring it back to him to finish this Pandora challenge and earn a unique Borderlands reward.

Find Claptrap’s Missing Eye

As you can probably guess, Claptrap, as well as his missing eye, are both found in the new Pandora zone that has taken over the southern half of the desert biome. Claptrap’s eye is in the town on the southeast part of Pandora.

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The eye is inside the southeastern-most building next to the water tower in the corner of the town. Inside the building, look for a television with a chair in front of it. Claptrap’s eye will be hovering by the TV. Perhaps Claptrap was enjoying a show when he lost his trusty eye. Approach the metal eye and interact with it to complete the first half of this challenge.

Return the Eye to Claptrap

With the eye in tow, all you have to do now is return it to Claptrap, who is standing near the entrance to Pandora on the west end of the desert. Claptrap is seen standing and waving at the base of the Welcome billboard, where you can also find one of the vault symbols in Fortnite. Approach Claptrap and interact with him to return his eye and complete the challenge.

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For successfully retrieving Claptrap’s missing eye, you will earn a new Borderlands-themed spray cosmetic. Completing all of the limited-time Welcome to Pandora challenges will net you a new weapon wrap as well, so be sure to land at Pandora in Fortnite to finish up these challenges while you still can.