Furthest Points in Fortnite: North, South, East, West

We’ll explain where to go to visit the furthest points in Fortnite for Season 8’s Week 2 challenge.

The second week of Fortnite challenges for Season 8 are now available. One of the challenges this week requires players to visit the furthest north, south, east, and west points of the island. This challenge is rather simple, but you may want to know exactly where to go to save yourself some time. We’ll explain where to visit the furthest points of the Fortnite island in the guide below.

At each of the four furthest points on the map, there is a small sign with a compass symbol on it. Simply approach the sign to make progress in the challenge. A challenge notification should pop up when you get close enough to each sign. We’ve marked each of the furthest points on the map below and have provided screenshots for a visual of where to go.

Furthest Points in Fortnite

Furthest Point North

Starting at the top, the furthest north point on the Fortnite map is found northeast of Junk Junction. Look for a dirt path leading up to a pair of trees just beyond the warehouse to find the sign.

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Furthest Point West

From the point in the north, the next closest point for this challenge is the one to the west. Make your way to Snobby Shores and search the edge of the cliff behind the houses to visit the furthest point west.

Furthest Point South

The furthest point south in Fortnite is found just beyond Lucky Landing. Head up the hill and follow the dirt path past the giant stone pig to find the southern signpost.

Furthest Point East

Finally, the furthest eastern point is located near the old superhero mansion. The east signpost is at the edge of the cliff overlooking the water.

Keep in mind that you must complete the match normally by either getting eliminated or winning the match for your progress to count. Basically, don’t quit the match early after visiting each of the furthest points.

Once you have visited all four of the furthest points in Fortnite, you will earn points toward your Season 8 Battle Pass. Be sure to check out our guides on where to find all giant faces and all pirate camps next.