Fortnite: Where is the Fortbyte Found Within Fatal Fields?

Fortnite: Where is the Fortbyte Found Within Fatal Fields?

We’ll show you where to search for the Fortbyte found within Fatal Fields in Fortnite for Season 9.

Fortnite Season 9 just started, and there’s already plenty of challenges available to keep players busy. Fortbytes have added to the challenge frenzy, with new Fortbytes revealed each day. One Fortbyte that can be earned relatively easily is Fortbyte 24, which is said to be “found in Fatal Fields.” We’ll show you where to look for the Fortbyte found in Fatal Fields so you can add it to your collection and reveal a chunk of the mystery image.

Fortbyte #24 – Fatal Fields Location

As far as Fortbytes go, this one is relatively easy to find. You don’t need to have any particular skin equipped like you do for Fortbyte 36. The Fortbyte clue even tells you that it’s found within Fatal Fields. It’s just up to you to narrow down its exact location.

To save you the trouble, we’ve gone ahead and marked the location of where to find Fortbyte 24 in Fatal Fields on the map image below.

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Fortbyte Found in Fatal Fields Map Fortnite 1024x1018 - Fortnite: Where is the Fortbyte Found Within Fatal Fields?


To narrow it down even further, you’ll need to head to the main farmhouse in Fatal Fields and go upstairs to the second floor. Alternatively, you can also land on top this house and swing your pickaxe through the roof and attic to reach the second floor. The Fortbyte is floating behind the drafting table in the corner of one of the bedrooms. Collect the Fortbyte and finish the match normally to add it to your decryption list.

Fortbyte 24 Fatal Fields Location Fortnite 1024x576 - Fortnite: Where is the Fortbyte Found Within Fatal Fields?


Acquiring Fortbyte 24 is relatively quick and painless, so long as you don’t linger around the area too long. Other players will likely have the same goal and may be close by. Be prepared for a fight when searching for this Fortbyte. New Fortbytes are unlocked each day, so be sure to check back here for details on how to find them.

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