Fortnite Fortbytes: What They Are and How to Get Them

Fortnite Fortbytes: What They Are and How to Get Them

Fortbytes are the newest items to hit the scene in Fortnite for Season 9. Here's everything you need to know about earning these rewarding collectibles.

Fortnite Season 9 has introduced a ton of new features to the game. Alongside the Season 9 Battle Pass came a new series of collectables called Fortbytes. If you’re curious about what Fortbytes are and how they work in Fortnite, continue reading to learn more about these elusive collectibles.

What are Fortbytes?

Fortbytes are a new type of collectible item in Fortnite that players can acquire through various means. Fortbytes appear as computer chips that can be collected upon completing specific Fortbyte Challenges. To view the list of available Fortbyte challenges, navigate to the Fortbyte section of the Battle Royale lobby screen. You’ll need to have purchased the upgraded Season 9 Battle Pass to access the list, however.

Collecting Fortbytes will also allow players to unlock other rewards throughout the season, such as upgrades for the Rox skin and unlocking the mystery Utopia skin. There are 100 Fortbytes total, but only 18 of them became available at the start of Season 9. New Fortbyte challenges become available daily. There’s also a countdown timer at the top of the Fortbyte Challenges indicating when the next Fortbyte will unlock.

How to Get Fortbytes

Several of the Fortbyte Challenges require players to earn a certain amount of XP or reach a certain tier on the Season 9 Battle Pass. Others involve finishing in the top 10 in squads, duos, or solos.

Many of the Fortbyte Challenges cannot be completed right away, as they may require more weekly challenges to unlock first. For example, Fortbyte 39 is awarded for completing six challenges from Week 2. However, since the Week 2 challenges aren’t out yet, that Fortbyte is impossible to get until then.

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However, there is one Fortbyte that can be earned pretty easily, and that’s number 36. This Fortbyte claims to be “accessible by Sentinel on a frozen island.” All you have to do is equip the Sentinel skin and head to a specific location in the snow biome to retrieve the Fortbyte.

Collecting all 100 Fortbytes will decrypt a mysterious image. If the image is anything like the weekly loading screens, then it could lead to all new hidden treasure of its own. Be sure to check the Fortbyte Challenges each day to steadily unlock these strange computer chips throughout the season. While you’re at it, you should also finish up any regular Battle Pass challenges, such as visiting all Sky Platforms in Fortnite.