Dance at Different Telescopes in Fortnite

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Here’s where you can bust a move in front of different telescopes in Fortnite Season X.

One of the Storm Racers missions in Fortnite Season X requires players to dance in front of different telescopes, harkening back to the days of Season 3. There are three telescopes to find throughout the Battle Royale map, and you’ll need to dance in front of each one to complete this challenge. We’ll show you where to go in the guide below.

Dance at Different Telescopes in Fortnite

As we mentioned above, players can find at least three telescopes on Fortnite’s Season X map. To our knowledge, there are only three telescopes, just enough to complete this Storm Racers mission. Make sure you have at least one dance emote or gesture equipped before heading out to visit each telescope.

We have circled all three of the telescope locations on the map below. Here’s where you can find each telescope:

  1. There’s a telescope on the mountain top southwest of Dusty Depot.
  2. Another telescope is atop the small hill southeast of Shifty Shafts, at the edge of the snow biome.
  3. The last telescope is on the mountain east of the oasis in the desert, southwest of Moisty Palms.

That’s all there is to it. Once you have danced at all three telescopes in Fortnite, you will complete this challenge. For players looking to earn more rewards, the prestige version of this mission requires dancing in front of two telescopes in a single match. You will need to complete all of the normal Storm Racers missions first to unlock the prestige versions, though.

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Of course, be sure to finish the match normally (don’t leave early) to ensure your efforts are counted towards the mission. Fortnite Season X is coming to a close, so be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides to finish up any last-minute challenges you may have missed this season.

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