Cube Memorial Locations in Fortnite

Cube Memorial Locations in Fortnite

Find out where to pay tribute to the infamous cube in Fortnite Season X.

Fortnite Season X is mainly themed around looking back at the prominent memories of bygone seasons. One of the Worlds Collide Battle Pass challenges has players thinking back to the days of the infamous Cube, which fans had lovingly nicknamed “Kevin”. The challenge specifically requires players to visit a memorial to a cube in the desert or by a lake. Moreover, the prestige version of the challenge involves visiting both locations. We’ll show you where to visit each cube memorial location in Fortnite for Season X in the guide below.

Visit a Memorial to a Cube

As mentioned in the challenge description, there are two cube memorial locations in Fortnite. One memorial is in the desert, and the other is by a lake. Each location features a small cube statue with a plaque commemorating the cube’s epic journey. We’ve circled both cube memorial locations on the map below, and have included more specific details on where to find each cube memorial in Fortnite.

Cube Memorial Locations Map Fortnite 1024x1024 - Cube Memorial Locations in Fortnite


Cube Memorial in the Desert

To visit the cube memorial in the desert, make your way over to the oasis in the desert biome, to the southwest of Paradise Palms. You’ll find the cube memorial upon the small plateau to the northeast of the oasis overlooking the stream.

Fortnite Cube Memorial Desert 1024x576 - Cube Memorial Locations in Fortnite


Cube Memorial by a Lake

As you can probably guess, the other cube memorial in Fortnite is found near the center of Loot Lake on one of the small islands. This location makes sense, considering how significant Loot Lake was during the cube’s travels. Search the plots of land to the southwest of the energy bubble to find the cube memorial by the lake.

Fortnite Cube Memorial Lake 1024x576 - Cube Memorial Locations in Fortnite


Visiting either of the two cube memorial locations in Fortnite should fulfill the requirements for this Worlds Collide challenge. The challenge is pretty easy to complete, unless you want to try your hand at the prestige version. Visiting both cube memorials in the same match may prove tricky, but it’s definitely possible if you move quickly and avoid enemy players along the way.

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