Consume Foraged Apples at The Orchard in Fortnite

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We’ll show you where to find The Orchard landmark in Fortnite for this Trick Shot challenge.

Fortnite has just unleashed its Trick Shot challenges for Chapter 2, Season 1. One of the challenges tasks you with getting your daily dose of fiber. More specifically, the challenge requires consuming foraged apples at The Orchard, one of the many new landmarks of Chapter 2. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find The Orchard in Fortnite so that you can munch a few fruits and earn some easy Season XP.

The Orchard is one of Fortnite’s many landmarks. We happened to cover this location in our guide on where to consume foraged items in Fortnite. In it, we show you where to not only consume apples, but mushrooms and coconuts as well. If it’s just apples you’re after, then continue reading to find out where The Orchard is located in Fortnite.

Where is The Orchard in Fortnite?

The Orchard is located to the north of Frenzy Farm, around map grid F3. We’ve circled the general location on the map below. At this landmark, you’ll find a Farmer’s Market as well as a farmhouse and red barn. Around the premises are various rows of apple trees. Look on the trunk of the trees and along the ground to pick up and consume foraged apples.

Keep in mind that apples will grant you +5 health, but only if your health meter isn’t full. You will need to have less than 100 health in order to consume apples for this challenge. A short fall from a nearby building should do the trick, just be careful not to do too much damage to yourself.

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This Trick Shot challenge only requires players to consume three foraged apples. However, if you go the extra mile and consume at least 10 foraged apples, you should be able to complete the aforementioned Hunter and The Hunted challenge as well.

You will be rewarded 52,000 Season XP for completing this challenge. Completing at least eight challenges in the Trick Shot challenge set will unlock a special loading screen containing a hidden letter. Check back here for more Chapter 2 challenge guides in Fortnite.

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