All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations

All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations

We’ll show you where to pick up each Singularity helmet to change the style of the Singularity outfit in Fortnite.

Fortnite’s 90th Fortbyte is now available for players to collect, which means that the coveted Singularity outfit is finally up for grabs. Players who have kept up with the Fortbyte challenges thus far and have collected at least 90 Fortbytes will be rewarded the Singularity skin, which features five different style customizations. Follow our guide below find all Singularity helmet locations in Fortnite to spruce up the look of your hard-earned outfit.

Unlocking the Singularity styles works a bit differently than other outfit styles in Fortnite. Rather than reaching a certain level or XP milestone, players will have to hunt down specific Singularity helmets hidden throughout the Battle Royale map to collect each outfit style.

All Singularity Helmet Locations in Fortnite

There are five Singularity styles in Fortnite. Each helmet corresponds to a unique outfit style for Singularity. Of course, before you go out and hunt for each helmet, you’ll need to collect 90 Fortbytes to unlock the base Singularity outfit first. Check out our Fortbyte guides to see how to get any Fortbytes you may have missed.

To help you find each Singularity helmet in Fortnite, we’ve circled each helmet location on the map below. Since these helmets can be tricky to spot, we’ve also included brief descriptions and images of each helmet so that you know what to look for.

Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations Map 1024x1024 - All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations


Durrr! Helmet

Fortnite Durrr Singularity Helmet 1024x576 - All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations


If you frequent Neo Tilted, you likely have noticed the massive chrome Singularity statue standing in the fountain area just outside of the Durrr! Burger restaurant. It should come as no surprise that the Durrr! Singularity helmet is found just a few steps away, up on the platform east of the statue. While facing the statue, search the left side of the platform to find the Durrr! helmet.

Pizza Helmet

Fortnite Pizza Singularity Helmet 1024x576 - All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations


If you’re more of a pizza fan, then you’ll want to nab the Pizza style for the Singularity outfit. To find the Pizza helmet, head over to the center of Loot Lake. Search the ledge just north of the huge vault. The Pizza helmet is sitting under a tree on a rocky outcropping overlooking the vault.

Drift Helmet

Fortnite Drift Helmet Singularity 1024x576 - All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations


The Drift style helmet is found in the snow biome to the north of Polar Peak. You won’t find the helmet in Polar Peak itself, however. The helmet is actually on the cliffside on the north end of Polar Peak, just before the frozen lake. It’s about halfway down the side of the mountain behind a wooden box and table.

Cuddle Helmet

Fortnite Cuddle Singularity Helmet 1024x576 - All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations


To find the Cuddle helmet in Fortnite, make your way up to the Pressure Plant in the northeast. A giant robot is now being built in the center of the facility. The Cuddle helmet is on the metal walkway above a control room on the north side of the robot. The helmet is level with the robot’s thighs.

Rex Helmet

Fortnite Rex Singularity Helmet 1024x576 - All Fortnite Singularity Helmet Locations

Look closely to spot the orange and green helmet sitting in the grass.

Last but not least is the Rex helmet. This helmet is the most difficult to find, as it’s basically just lying in some grass in the middle of nowhere. The best description we can give is to triangulate a point in between Neo Tilted, Dusty Divot, Salty Springs, and Shifty Shafts. In this area, look for a wooden shack close to a tree on a small mound. Search the ground southeast of the tree to find the Rex helmet. It’s the tiny orange and green dot in the grass in the image above. The helmet should float up as you approach it though, so as long as you are in the general area you should be able to find it.

That’s it. Now that you know where to find all Singularity helmets in Fortnite, you should be able to collect each outfit style for Singularity and customize it as you see fit. Check out our other Fortnite articles for more Season 9 guides.