Bloodhound’s Fang Location – Elden Ring

Bloodhound’s Fang Location – Elden Ring

Learn where to obtain the powerful Curved Greatsword Bloodhound's Fang in Elden Ring.

While exploring the Lands Between, Elden Ring players can obtain a sleek Curved Greatsword named Bloodhound’s Fang. This weapon scales with Strength and Dexterity and features a special skill called Bloodhound’s Finesse. Continue reading to learn where to go to get Bloodhound’s Fang in Elden Ring.

How to Get Bloodhound’s Fang

Bloodhound’s Fang is a reward players will receive upon defeating an optional boss named Bloodhound Knight Darriwil, who is found in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol in southern Limgrave. Nearby Sites of Grace include Agheel Lake South and Bridge of Sacrifice. There is also a Stake of Marika close to the Evergaol. Look for a circular stone platform on the ground northwest of the Bridge of Sacrifice and interact with the glowing circle in the center to begin combat with Darriwil.

Forlorn Hound Evergaol map 1024x576 - Bloodhound’s Fang Location - Elden Ring
  • Bloodhound’s Fang Location: Forlorn Hound Evergaol, Limgrave

Bloodhound Knight Darriwil is an aggressive foe who will pressure you with swift slashing attacks. Although Darriwil is an optional boss, he is tied to a quest related to Blaidd and Kalé. You won’t be able to summon spirits during this fight, but you will be able to summon Blaidd if you have met him previously as part of progressing Kalé’s questline. Be sure to speak to Blaidd afterward outside of the Evergaol to continue his quest.

Bloodhound’s Fang is one of the best weapons players can get early in the game, so it’s worth going out of your way to add this one to your arsenal in Elden Ring. Check out our other Elden Ring guides for more tips and walkthroughs.