Where to Find Fallen Captains on Europa – Destiny 2

Where to Find Fallen Captains on Europa – Destiny 2

This location on Europa is where you can find Fallen Captains with ease in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light has given players a new area to explore to help reclaim the planet of Europa for the greater good. One enemy players will be searching for as they traverse the snowy landscape is the Fallen Captain. This guide will show you where to find a Fallen Captain on Europa.

Where to Find Fallen Captains on Europa

Cadmus Ridge 1024x576 - Where to Find Fallen Captains on Europa – Destiny 2


Guardians have been sent to Europa to help a few old friends drive back the Darkness and to embrace it. On the Guardian’s journey, they might pick up a quest that requires them to find and defeat Fallen Captains.

While Fallen Captains can be found in the EDZ and Cosmodrome on Earth, one place on Europa spawns them quite frequently. When Guardians spawn into Europa and land in Charon’s Crossing, they will want to take the left side of the path toward Cadmus Ridge.

When players reach Cadmus Ridge, they will want to head to the top of the platform to keep an eye on the cliff side, the platform, and the landing area on the ground below. Fallen Skiff ships will arrive and drop off Fallen enemies. It won’t be long before one of those enemies is a Fallen Captain.

About every other Fallen Skiff that comes into the area will have a Fallen Captain. The two best areas are the platform overlooking the landing area and the cliff side. You may also find a Fallen Captain roaming the area of Cadmus Ridge as well.

However many Fallen Captains you need to defeat, Cadmus Ridge appears to be the best destination to do so. This is also a great area to hunt other Fallen as well.

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