Where to Find Banshee-44’s Secret Workshop in Destiny 2

Where to Find Banshee-44’s Secret Workshop in Destiny 2

Hiding inside the Tower is a secret workshop that contains a very important quest step. This is how you can find Banshee's secret workshop.

Bungie has released a new exotic weapon quest for Leviathan’s Breath and one of the quest steps requires players find Banshee-44’s secret room. This guide will show you where to find Banshee-44’s secret workshop in Destiny 2.

Banshee-44’s Secret Workshop

Banshee-44 has seen a lot in his time in Destiny and has also forgotten a lot. It comes as no surprise that a Gunsmith has a secret workshop and that Cayde-6 knew exactly where it was. Upon your visit to the Tower, your first stop should be to talk to Banshee-44 to pick up the Make Bows, Not War exotic quest. The first step is to locate the hidden entrance to Banshee’s workshop and the only clue you have is to start looking in the Hanger.

The Back Way

Head toward Amanda Holiday and once you enter the Hanger, you will want to take the stairs immediately to your right. Follow the stairs up and around the hanger until you are above the Future War Cult room. You will then want to jump on the ledge and then to the hanging platform above the stairs to the entrance of Future War Cult.

Follow this platform through a tunnel and you’ll find the secret Daito room that just happens to have a door on the left-hand side you will want to enter. Go through the door, fall down the shaft, and jump up into a brand new room with a Sentry Bot looking at some plans.

Run past the Sentry Bot and go through the door on your left, take the stairs to your left down, turn right and you will see two boxes, one on your left and another beyond that on the right. Jump on the box on the right, look up and jump up and into the shaft.

Continue through the shaft past the first tunnel on your left and enter the second tunnel on your left. Looking to your left, you will see an arrow pointing up. Jump on this platform, turn around to jump on the next platform, and finally jump across to the air ducts.

This is your final stop. All you need to do is approach the locker with a bow in it and accept the next step of the quest. Now that you know where Banshee-44’s secret workshop is, check out our Destiny 2 archives for even more guides.