What Time Does Season of Opulence Start in Destiny 2?

What Time Does Season of Opulence Start in Destiny 2?

Season of Opulence kicks off in Destiny 2 on June 4, 2019, but what time does it start?

The Season of Opulence is about to begin in Destiny 2, and players, like always, are wondering when they can dig in and get started. With a player base spread around the globe, doing the math to nail down one time zone can be difficult. Luckily, there’s an easy way to remember what time Season of Opulence begins on June 4, 2019.

What Time Does Season of Opulence Start?

Players can expect maintenance to begin at about 10 a.m. EDT, but they won’t be kicked from the game until about 11 a.m. EDT. From there, Destiny 2 will be down for approximately two hours, with the Season of Opulence starting at 1 p.m. EDT. For those around the globe, this means that the Season of Opulence will kick off at reset time. Whatever time you have come to expect the Tuesday reset in Destiny 2, that’s when Season of Opulence will kick off in your region. In that way, Bungie has done everyone a favor by not messing with schedules too much.

Of course, if that’s of no help to you, there’s always the use of a time zone converter to figure out when Season of Opulence starts. Simply plug in 1 p.m. EDT and then see what that works out to in your region. There’s also Bungie Help on Twitter. That’s usually a good bet to keep track of the state of the game, and it’s likely there will be a post when things come back online, and players can dive into Destiny 2’s newest season.

Now that you know when Season of Opulence starts, dive into all the Destiny 2 content Guide Stash has accumulated over the months and check back often for more information now that there are new things to see and do in Bungie’s popular looter shooter.