What are Unstoppable Champions in Destiny 2?

What are Unstoppable Champions in Destiny 2?

To stop the unstoppable you must first make sure you have the right mods in your Artifact.

Destiny 2 is teeming with new enemies that require players to change how they play a little. One of those new enemies are Unstoppable Champions and in this guide we find out just what they are and how you can take them down.

Unstoppable Champions

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Through your journies in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep you may come across enemies that are considered Unstoppable. These enemies take an increased amount of damage and dish out an increased amount of damage as well. While these enemies are a formidable foe, you can gain an advantage on them if you have the right mods in your Artifact.

The two mods you want to have to take these champions down are Unstoppable Hand Cannon or Unstoppable Melee. These mods cause stagger and deal more damage to Unstoppable type enemies. Here is what you need to know about these mods.

  • Unstoppable Hand Cannon Mod – Unlocked in the second tier of the Artifact. Aiming down sights loads a powerful explosive payload that staggers unshielded enemies. Strong against Unstoppable Champions.
  • Unstoppable Melee Mod – Unlocked in the fourth tier of the Artifact. Arc Melee abilities stagger unshielded combatants. Strong against Unstoppable Champions. This Chest Armor Mod has an Energy Cost of three.

The Hand Cannon and Melee Mod will come in handy during Nightfall missions as this is where you will run into these enemies. The Unstoppable Champions won’t be the only enemies you will have to contend with either.

Two more special enemies you will need to look out for are Barrier Champions and Overload Champions. The Barrier and Overload Champions will also require special Mods to assist in dealing damage. The Unstoppable Champion is by far the most punishing out of the three and will become a priority to take down to avoid getting your Fireteam wiped.

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