Wandering Nightmare Rotation Schedule – Destiny 2

Keeping track of what Wandering Nightmare is available on reset is easy with this Destiny 2 schedule.

The Moon is being haunted and it’s up to guardians to rid it of these Nightmares. These phantasms stick to a strict timetable and only appear during certain times. Here is the Wandering Nightmare Rotation schedule for Destiny 2.

Wandering Nightmare Rotation Schedule

Four powerful enemies were unleashed during Destiny 2 Shadowkeep that must be hunted down, called Wandering Nightmares. These Nightmares inhabit each section of the Moon and rotate on a weekly bases on each weekly reset, which is Tuesday at 9 A.M. PST.

We’ve put together a helpful Wandering Nightmare Rotation Schedule, so you can keep track of which Nightmare is currently haunting the Moon.

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2/11/20 to 2/18/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
2/18/20 to 2/25/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
2/25/20 to 3/3/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
3/3/20 to 3/10/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
3/10/20 to 3/17/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
3/17/20 to 3/24/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
3/24/20 to 3/31/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
3/31/20 to 4/7/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
4/7/20 to 4/14/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
4/14/20 to 4/21/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
4/21/20 to 4/28/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
4/28/20 to 5/5/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
5/5/20 to 5/12/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
5/12/20 to 5/19/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
5/19/20 to 5/26/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
5/26/20 to 6/2/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
6/2/20 to 6/9/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
6/9/20 to 6/16/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
6/16/20 to 6/23/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
6/23/20 to 6/30/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
6/30/20 to 7/7/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
7/7/20 to 7/14/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
7/14/20 to 7/21/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
7/21/20 to 7/28/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
7/28/20 to 8/4/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
8/4/20 to 8/11/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
8/11/20 to 8/18/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
8/18/20 to 8/25/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
8/25/20 to 9/1/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
9/1/20 to 9/8/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
9/8/20 to 9/15/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
9/15/20 to 9/22/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
9/22/20 to 9/29/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
9/29/20 to 10/6/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
10/6/20 to 10/13/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
10/13/20 to 10/20/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
10/20/20 to 10/27/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
10/27/20 to 11/3/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
11/3/20 to 11/10/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
11/10/20 to 11/17/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
11/17/20 to 11/24/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
11/24/20 to 12/1/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
12/1/20 to 12/8/20Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light
12/8/20 to 12/15/20Nightmare of JaxxHellmouth
12/15/20 to 12/22/20Fallen CouncilArcher’s Line
12/22/20 to 12/29/20Nightmare of XortalSorrow’s Harbor
12/29/20 to 1/5/21Nightmare of HorkisAnchor of Light

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