Tracing the Stars II – Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations – Week 2

Tracing the Stars II – Destiny 2: Atlas Skew Locations – Week 2

Where to collect all five Atlas Skews for week two of Tracing the Stars II in Destiny 2.

Tracing the Stars is a multi-step quest in Destiny 2 that has Guardians searching for a series of collectibles called Atlas Skews. The second part of the quest is now available, meaning there are five more Atlas Skews for players to collect throughout the Dreaming City. Continue reading to learn where to find all five Atlas Skew locations for week two of Tracing the Stars II in Destiny 2. If you need the Atlas Skew locations for Week 1, we’ve got you covered.

Atlas Skew Locations – Week 2

Below are screenshots of each Atlas Skew location for the Tracing the Stars II quest, along with map images for reference. The five Atlas Skews for week two are found in the following locations:

  • Strand Towering Statue
  • Strand Gazebo Statue
  • Garden Waterfall
  • Garden Bridge Tree
  • Aphelion Brazier

Strand Towering Statue

From Divalian Mists, make your way to The Strand. The first Atlas Skew is located on top the towering statue near the center of The Strand near where the public event takes place. Jump up the rocks on the back side of the cliff to collect the Atlas Skew.

Strand Gazebo Statue

From the towering statue in The Strand, look to the southeast to spot a gazebo across the way. This is where you will find the next Atlas Skew. Hop on your Sparrow and ride to the gazebo, which is located along the southeast edge of the area. Jump across the rock ledges around to the back side of the gazebo to find the second Atlas Skew.

Garden Waterfall

The next Atlas Skew is found within the Gardens of Esila. Head back to the entrance to The Strand by way of Divalian Mists and turn right. Continue along the path until you reach a small set of stairs leading to a circular doorway. Make your way through the halls until you reach a chamber containing a narrow passage leading outside to the Gardens of Esila. The third Atlas Skew is found at the base of the waterfall nearby.

Garden Bridge Tree

You can collect the next Atlas Skew in the same garden where you found the previous one. Look for a large tree at the end of the bridge overlooking the Garden of Esila, across from the garden waterfall. Jump up to the top of the rock formation nearby and hop across to reach the bridge. The Atlas Skew is at the base of the garden bridge tree.

Aphelion Brazier

The last Atlas Skew for week two is located within the Aphelion’s Rest Lost Sector. It’s best to simply complete the Lost Sector, as the Atlas Skew is found near where the boss spawns at the end. The Atlas Skew is behind a brazier, which looks like a large headstone with a glowing ring in front.

Be sure to check back next week to find out more Atlas Skew locations to complete the Tracing the Stars quest in Destiny 2.