The Swarm God Roll – Destiny 2

Check out the recommended PvE and PvP perks for The Swarm god roll in Destiny 2.

The Swarm is a Legendary Heavy Machine Gun Guardians can get for completing the Nightfall. With some luck, you can get in just a couple of runs. With some more luck, you can even get the god roll for this weapon. This guide will tell you the recommended perks for The Swarm in Destiny 2.

The Swarm God Roll – PvE

Heavy Machine Guns are one weapon type that has a wide array of usages. One of those is running PvE activities spread across the world of Destiny. Whether it is taking out a horde of Cabal or taking out a boss, The Swarm is one you will want to have to help fight back the Darkness. Below are the recommended PvE perks.

PvE Perk Slot 1

Increasing Stability will be key for The Swarm, so look for perks that do just that.

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  • Fluted Barrel: +5 Stability and +15 Handling
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling: +10 Range
  • Smallbore: +7 Range and +7 Stability
  • Polygonal Rifling: +10 Stability

PvE Perk Slot 2

Increasing Magazine size is always good for Heavy Machine Guns.

  • Appended Mag: +20 Magazine
  • Tactical Mag: +5 Stability, +10 Reload Speed, and +10 Magazine
  • Extended Mag: +30 Magazine and -20 Reload Speed

PvE Perk Slot 3

Only one perk to look out for in the third perk slot.

  • Surplus: Increases Handling, Reload Speed, and Stability for each fully charged ability
  • Outlaw: Precision kills greatly decrease Reload time
  • Bottomless Grief: While you are the last living member of your fireteam, each take down refills your magazine

PvE Perk Slot 4

Any three of these perks will be great to have in the last slot.

  • One For All: Hitting three separate targets increases damage for a moderate duration
  • Dragonfly: Precision kills create an elemental damage explosion
  • Vorpal Weapon: Increased damage against bosses, vehicles, and Guardians with their Super active

 The Swarm God Roll – PvP

Heavy Machine Guns are deadly in PvP and with the right recommended perks, The Swarm can be even deadlier.

PvP Perk Slot 1

Increasing Stability and Range is still key in PvP.

  • Fluted Barrel: +5 Stability and +15 Handling
  • Hammer-Forged Rifling: +10 Range
  • Smallbore: +7 Range and +7 Stability
  • Corkscrew Rifling: +5 Range, +5 Stability, and +5 Handling

PvP Perk Slot 2

I like Steady Rounds over Accurized Rounds for perk slot two as it increases Stability. This is especially true if you got a Range bump from the first perk column.

  • Accurized Rounds: +10 Range
  • Steady Rounds: +15 Stability and -5 Range

PvP Perk Slot 3

While I think Surplus is the go-to perk. You honestly could go with Killing Wind as well.

  • Surplus: Increases handling, reload speed, and stability for each fully charged ability
  • Killing Wind: Final blows grant increased mobility, weapon range, and handling for a short duration
  • Dynamic Sway Reduction: Improves accuracy and stability while continuously holding down the trigger

PvP Perk Slot 4

With only two perks to choose from, either one of them will be a great choice.

  • Zen Moment: Causing damage with this weapon increases its stability
  • Tap The Trigger: Grants a short period of increased stability and accuracy on initial trigger pull

The Swarm is a great weapon to have in your inventory for any PvE or PvP activity. If you are wondering what Nightfall weapon is currently in rotation. Check out our Nightfall Rotation Schedule.