The Python Shotgun – Gambit Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2

The Python Shotgun – Gambit Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2

The Drifter has a brand new ritual weapon in Gambit to earn. Hit'em with the one-two punch of the Python.

Season of Dawn is finally here and Bungie has brought new weapons for guardians to collect. This guide will show you how to get the Python Shotgun Gambit Ritual weapon in Destiny 2.

The Python Shotgun

Get Closer 1024x576 - The Python Shotgun – Gambit Ritual Weapon in Destiny 2


A new season means new ritual weapons as your reward for taking on a special quest. Once you’ve loaded into the Tower for Season of Dawn, make your way to The Drifter on the lower level to pick up the Get Closer quest.

The requirements for the Get Closer quest are as follows:

  • Get 500 final blows with a shotgun.
  • Get 150 close-range final blows using a shotgun.
  • Reach Heroic Gambit Infamy rank.

Obtaining the Python requires players to use a shotgun for it to count towards progress. No specific shotgun is recommended to use. We at Guide Stash are partial to Threat Level and Lord of Wolves. The tricky part will be making sure you are close enough for close-range final blows.


The Python Shotgun deals void damage and can come with these perks:

  • Overflow – You will get more ammo than usual when reloading after you’ve picked up .Special or Heavy ammunition for your weapons.
  • Feeding Frenzy – Quicker reloading speed when getting kills with your weapon.
  • Shield Disorient – Your shield explodes to disorient nearby enemies.
  • One-Two Punch – You get a short melee damage boost for hitting a foe with every pellet in a shot.

The Python will be the easiest to get out of all the ritual weapons in Season of Dawn. Also, having One-Two Punch as a perk will make this shotgun very formidable in PvE. Check out our Destiny 2 archives for even more guides.