Sweet Spotter Triumph – Destiny 2

Sweet Spotter Triumph – Destiny 2

Players struggling to complete the Sweet Spotter triumph to get the Deadeye title in Destiny 2 will want this workaround.

Players in Destiny 2 are getting stuck on the Sweet Spotter triumph, a requirement for Guardians who are chasing the Deadeye title. In this guide, we’ll explain why precision kills on Vex Wyverns aren’t working, and how to get around this bug assuming you’re here for the Deadeye title.

Sweet Spotter

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Precision Vex Wyvern kills are currently bugged, meaning that’s it’s impossible to get the Sweet Spotter triumph. At least, that’s the case as of the time this article was published, which is September 4, 2021. A fix should be on the way before too long, and we’ll be sure to update this when that happens.

The good news is that anyone chasing the Deadeye title can still obtain it through a sneaky workaround. The Deadeye title requires 31 triumphs to unlock, but there are some hidden triumphs that will count towards progress. Therefore, it’s possible for Guardians to get Deadeye even without the Vex Wyvern precision kills.

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How to get the Deadeye title

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To get Deadeye, complete all triumphs listed in the Deadeye Seal with the lone exception being Sweet Spotter. Once this is done, complete one of the following hidden triumphs listed below. These were intended for Guardians to complete to unlock the gilded version of Deadeye, but finishing one of them – along with the other 30 listed on the Deadeye Seal – will unlock the title.

Ritual of the Season

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In Ritual playlist activities, rapidly defeat opponents with weapons matching the archetype of the current Seasonal Legendary weapon. Defeating Guardians grants more progress.

  • Rapidly defeated: 50

Note: Ritual playlist activities are Strikes, Crucible, and Gambit, but this can be done using the Altars of Sorrow. The Season 15 Season of the Lost Seasonal Legendary weapon is a Rocket Launcher. Grab Wardcliff Coil, load up on Rocket Launcher mods, and head to the Altars of Sorrow and you’ll be done this one in 30 minutes.

Weapon Flair

weapon flair triumph destiny 2 1024x576 - Sweet Spotter Triumph - Destiny 2

Get precision final blows and rapidly defeat combatants at point-blank range while using any weapon in Gambit.

  • Precision final blows in Gambit: 100
  • Point-blank multikills in Gambit: 5

Three Birds, Three Stones

three birds three stones triumph destiny 2 1024x576 - Sweet Spotter Triumph - Destiny 2

In Crucible, defeat opponents with a Kinetic weapon, an Energy weapon, and a Power weapon.

  • Crucible matches: 5

Season’s Greetings

seasons greetings triumph destiny 2 1024x576 - Sweet Spotter Triumph - Destiny 2

Get final blows with this season’s Legendary quest weapon.

  • Combatants defeated: 500

Weapon Focus

weapon focus triumph destiny 2 1024x576 - Sweet Spotter Triumph - Destiny 2

In Nightfall strikes, accumulate weapon final blows and precision weapon final blows without dying.

  • Weapon final blows: 100
  • Precision final blows: 50

The thing to remember about the above triumphs is that they won’t track your progress until you have the Deadeye title. The game is still counting in the background, but you won’t see how far along you are until you complete one of them to bring your total to 31 and unlock Deadeye.

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Now that you know the deal with the precision Vex Wyvern kills and the Sweet Spotter triumph, you can start using this workaround to get the Deadeye title in Destiny 2. We’re always busy working on guides like this to help you when you’re stuck, so stick with Guide Stash for more help with things that stand in your way.