Season Pass Rewards – Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Season Pass Rewards – Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Earn these Season of the Splicer seasonal rewards just for playing Destiny 2.

Bungie has revealed Season 14 in Destiny 2 and with it comes seasonal rewards. Seasonal rewards are available for both free-to-play and season pass owners. This guide will show you the season pass rewards in Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer.

Season Pass Rewards: Season of the Splicer

Season Rewards 1024x200 - Season Pass Rewards - Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer

Season 14 in Destiny 2 begins May 11, 2021, and brings with it plenty of rewards for Guardians to chase after. Some rewards players will be available to earn as they rank up their Season Pass. Season Pass rewards rank from 1-100 and include Glimmer, Enhancement Cores, Small XP Boost, and more. Below you will find the rank and rewards listed in our handy table.

RankFree-to-PlayPass Owners
1 Exotic Sidearm Cryosthesia 77K 
2Upgrade ModuleDecrypted Data Trove
3GlimmerGlimmer Boost
4Upgrade ModuleEnhancement Core
5 Small XP Boost
6GlimmerLegendary Emblem
7Bright EngramSmall XP Boost
8Upgrade CorePlanet Materials
9Bright DustLegendary Shader
10Legendary ShardsLegendary Finisher
11Upgrade ModuleCatalyst Quest Booth Alpha
12Glimmer Decrypted Data Trove
13Bright EngramLegendary Engram
14Upgrade ModuleLegendary Shards
15Enhancement CoreEnhancement Core
16GlimmerSmall XP Boost
17Bright EngramGlimmer
18Upgrade ModuleHouse of Light Entrance
19Bright DustPlanet Materials
20Exotic EngramLegendary Shard Dismantle Bonus
21Upgrade ModuleLegendary Shards
22 Catalyst Boost Omega
23Bright EngramGlimmer
24 Legendary Engram
25Legendary EngramExotic Engram
26Upgrade ModuleSmall XP Boost
27Bright EngramEnhancement Core
28 Arms Masterwork Bonus
29Bright DustPlanet Materials
30Shattered CipherBright Dust
31 Legendary Shards
32 Decrypted Data Trove
33Bright EngramEnhancement Core
34 Upgrade Module
35Exotic Sidearm Cryosthesia 77Legendary Engram
36 Small XP Boost
37Bright EngramGlimmer
38 Legs Masterwork Bonus
39 Planet Materials
40Bright DustLegendary Shader
41 Legendary Engram
42 Glimmer
43Bright EngramVanguard Armor Scrounger
44 Legendary Shards
45Sojourner’s TaleEnhancement Core
46 Small XP Boost
47Bright EngramUpgrade Module
48 Class Masterwork Bonus
49 Planet Materials
50Bright DustExotic Sparrow
51 Shattered Cipher Masterwork Bonus
52 Decrypted Data Boost I
53Bright EngramGambit Armor Scrounger
54 Exotic Engram
55Exotic CipherLegendary Engram
56 Small Fireteam XP Boost
57Bright EngramEnhancement Core
58 Chest Masterwork Bonus
59 Planet Materials
60Bright DustEnhancement Prism
61 Sojourner’s Tale Masterwork Bonus
62 Glimmer
63Bright EngramCrucible Armor Scrounger
64 Arms Ornament
65Exotic EngramExotic Engram
66 Small XP Boost
67Bright EngramLeg Ornament
68 Head Masterwork Bonus
69 Planet Materials
70Bright DustEnhancement Prism
71 Vanguard Shattered Cipher Scrounger
72 Decrypted data Boost II
73Bright EngramGambit Shattered Cipher Scrounger
74 Exotic Engram
75 Raid Banner
76 Small XP Boost
77Bright EngramClass Item Ornament
78 Bright Dust
79 Planet Materials
80Bright DustAscendant Shard
81 Gambit Sojuner’s Tale Scrounger
82 Glimmer
83Bright EngramCrucible Shattered Cipher Scrounger
84 Raid Banner
85 Golf Ball
86 Small Fireteam XP Boost
87Bright EngramChest Ornament
88 Exotic Engram
89 Planet Materials
90Bright DustReady For Anything Emote
91 Crucible Sojuner’s Tale Scrounger
92 Decrypted Data Boost III
93Bright EngramVanguard Sojuner’s Tale Scrounger
94 Ascendant Shard
95 Planet Materials
96 Bright Dust
97Bright EngramHelmet Ornament
98 Exotic Engram
99 Absorb the Ether Emote
100Bright DustCryosthesia 77K Ornament

As you can see, rewards for Season of the Splicer are well worth it whether you are a free-to-play player or one that pays for the season pass. Some items on the reward list are still unknown and will be updated when Season of the Splicer is released.

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