Season of the Worthy Release Time – Destiny 2

Season of the Worthy Release Time – Destiny 2

Make sure your clocks are correctly set as you don't want to miss the release time of Season 10 in Destiny 2.

Bungie is set to release Season 10 in Destiny 2 at the push of a button. Make sure your clocks are set correctly as this guide will help you with the Season of the Worthy release time in Destiny 2.

Season of the Worthy Release Time

After traveling through time in Season of Dawn to save Saint-14 and playing with Osiris’ Sundial, it is finally time to stay on one path of time. Season of the Worthy releases on March 10, 2020, at reset time. Don’t forget, however, that Daylight Saving Time made (many of) us jump an hour ahead. I think we can blame Osiris for this. The release time for Season 10 has changed as well. The release times are listed below.

  • 10 A.M. PST
  • 12 P.M. CST
  • 1 P.M. EST
  • 6 P.M. GMT

Season 10 will see our Guardian heading back to Mars to help Rasputin strengthen the defenses of Earth as the Cabal’s spaceship The Almighty is hurdling towards The Last City. Luckily for our Guardians, a slew of new armor and weapons will be at our disposal to try and stop the desperate plan hatched by the Cabal.

Returning to Season 10 is Trial of Osiris, a 3v3 PvP event that was popular in the first Destiny. Season of Dawn saw our Guardians donating Fractaline to the Empyrean Foundation to help reconstruct The Lighthouse. Trials isn’t the only event players can look forward to as our handy Season 10 roadmap guide will show you.

As always, make sure you stay tuned to Guide Stash and our Destiny 2 archives for more Season of the Worthy content.