Season 11 Roadmap – Destiny 2

Season 11 Roadmap – Destiny 2

Season of Arrivals is finally here in Destiny 2. Here was what you can expect in Season 11.

Season of the Worthy has ended and the next chapter in Destiny 2 has finally arrived. While a lot was unknown about Season 11, we now have a roadmap featuring plenty of content to enjoy. Here is the Season 11 roadmap for Destiny 2.

Season 11 Roadmap

Season 11 Calendar 1024x576 - Season 11 Roadmap – Destiny 2


Rasputin has been charged and the The Almighty has been blown out of the sky. Guardians were hard at work in Season of the Worthy to protect the Last City and its inhabitants from the Red Legions’ last attempt to bring Earth to its knees. Now, a new threat looms on the horizon, with the Pyramids and the Darkness growing ever closer. Will we be ready in time?

Season of Arrivals kicks off a new PvE activity called Contact Event. In Contact Event, Guardians are required to defeat enemies in waves, pick up Motes, and deposit them in the bank. Filling the bank four times will make a boss spawn. Season 11 also starts off with a brand new dungeon called Prophecy.

Rounding out the end of Season 11 is Moments of Triumph and Solstice of Heroes. These two events have been a staple for many years and are always a fun time. As usual, other events and exotic quests have been left off the roadmap to keep players in the dark. Season of Arrivals looks to be one that will surely leave players wanting more.

Stay tuned to Guide Stash and our Destiny 2 archives for more Season 11 content as more information is unlocked.