One For Each of You Medal – Destiny 2

One For Each of You Medal – Destiny 2

Getting the One For Each of You Medal in Destiny 2 will require some skill.

Obtaining experience and earning gear are just a few things you can do while playing Crucible in Destiny 2. Skillful players can also earn medals by completing certain feats or using certain weapons. This guide will tell you how to earn the One for Each of You Medal in Destiny 2.

One For Each of You Medal

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A new seal in Destiny 2 has been added for players to chase during Season of the Lost. The seal is called Deadeye, and it is one I am personally grinding to get. The Deadeye seal requires players to use certain weapons and defeat certain enemies with precision kills.

Note: The One for Each of You medal cannot be earned in the Iron Banner. You must earn this medal in normal Crucible, such as the Control playlist.

One Triumph that players will need to complete is Sidearm Mastery. Players will need to get 100 Sidearm kills in the Crucible and get the One for Each of You Medal. While getting 100 kills will take some time, getting the medal will be the real challenge. Below is how to get obtain the medal.

  • Get a kill with any weapon, switch to a sidearm, and get another kill with a sidearm within 5 seconds.

Just like how it sounds, players will need to get a kill with one weapon, switch to a sidearm and get another kill within five seconds. Obtaining the medal will require a bit of skill and some luck. Players will need to time each kill carefully or have a teammate injure another opponent and finish them off with a sidearm.

I, for one, know that this part will take me time to get, as I am not that great with sidearms. Getting the 100 kills won’t be bad, but quickly switching to my sidearm after a kill to get another will definitely take some time. Editor’s Note: It took him about five minutes into his first match trying this.

Now that you know how to get the One for Each of you medal, be sure to check out our Destiny 2 archives for even more guides and news.