Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule – Destiny 2

Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule – Destiny 2

Keeping track of the weapon that can be earned in the Nightfall in Destiny 2 is easy with our rotation schedule.

With Nightfall-specific loot in Destiny 2 comes a rotation Guardians will need to keep track of if they want to snag some cool weapons. This guide will show the Nightfall weapon rotation schedule so you’ll know what weeks you need to grind.

Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule

Hung Jury 1024x576 - Nightfall Weapon Rotation Schedule – Destiny 2

Every week at reset – Tuesday 10 a.m. PDT – one of the three weapons will be available for Guardians to gain by completing the Nightfall. The three weapons that guardians can currently obtain are listed below:

Guardians that have been playing Destiny since 2014 may recognize these weapons as ones that could be earned in Nightfalls when the franchise was in its infancy. Below is where you can find the schedule for each weapon.

Week OfWeapon
June 1PlugOne.1
June 8Hung Jury
June 15Uzume RR4
June 22Plug One.1
June 29Hung Jury
July 6Uzume RR4
July 13Plug One.1
July 20Hung Jury
July 27Uzume RR4
August 3Plug One.1
August 10Hung Jury
August 17Uzume RR4

Guardians may need to complete the Nightfall several times to obtain the weapon each week. It will drop on completion of the Nightfall, not from the chest. If you don’t get it within seconds of the boss dying, you’re probably out of luck for that run. If increasing the difficulty of the Nightfall is an option, that will increase the chances of the weapon dropping.

Season of the Splicer ends on August 24th and, hopefully, we get even more Nightfall loot to chase in the next season Bungie has planned. If any changes happen, Guide Stash will update this schedule to reflect them. Until then, keep your eyes on our Destiny 2 archives for even more guides and news.