My Bowfriend’s Back Medal – Destiny 2

My Bowfriend’s Back Medal – Destiny 2

It will take luck and skill to get the My Bowfriend's Back medal in Destiny 2

Obtaining this medal is going to take patience and skill in the Crucible. This guide will show you how to get the My Bowfriend’s Back medal in Destiny 2.

My Bowfriend’s Back Medal

My Bowfriends Back 1024x576 - My Bowfriend’s Back Medal – Destiny 2

The past few weeks I have been chasing down the Deadeye title in Destiny 2. This has required a lot of Crucible and using weapons I do not normally pull out of the vault. One of the Triumphs needed to obtain this title is the Bow Mastery Triumph.

Guardians need to get 100 final blows, 25 precision kills, and the My Bowfriend’s Back medal. While the first two objectives aren’t too terrible, obtaining the medal can be frustrating if you struggle in the Crucible.

To obtain the My Bowfriend’s Back medal Guardians will need to land three precision final blows with a Bow in a single life. While some may not have an issue completing this, take note of one particular requirement. Medals like this one cannot be earned in the Iron Banner, so make sure you’re loading into a normal Crucible playlist before attempting this one.

Thankfully, Bows are some of my favorite weapons, and they tend to hit quite hard in the Crucible. Guardians should find a Bow they are comfortable with and be mindful to play a conservative game. Stay with your team and go for the headshot. If you get into trouble, retreat to safety and regroup with your allies. If you put yourself in danger you’ll have a much harder time staying alive long enough to earn this medal.

Once you have gotten the My Bowfriend’s Back medal, be sure to check out how to get the Three Birds, Three Stones medal. Each Triumph you complete will inch you ever closer to Deadeye, so stay tuned to Guide Stash for more guides helping you earn triumphs and medals.