Love Story Bounty – Destiny 2

Love Story Bounty – Destiny 2

Complete the Love Story bounty in Destiny 2 to earn Confectionery Hearts.

It’s that time of the year in Destiny 2 where love is in the air, the Tower has been decorated in all things Valentine’s. Crimson Days are upon us and a special bounty is available for you and that special someone. This guide will show you how to complete the Love Story bounty in Destiny 2.

Love Story Bounty

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Crimson Days is in full swing in Destiny 2 and Lord Shaxx is your go-to love guru for this Bungie event. Upon entering the Tower, you will want to head over and see Lord Shaxx right away. Once you have spoken to Shaxx, he will give you the Love Story bounty.

Completing this bounty is simple, all you must do is select a story mission to play through from the Vanguard story mission screen. The other requirement is that it must be done in a Fireteam of two for it to count.

After completing the mission, you will be rewarded with 15 Confectionery Hearts, which are used to purchase rewards from Lord Shaxx. These Confectionery Hearts can be used to get The Vow Combat Bow, which was your reward for Crimson Days in 2019.

With the Love Story bounty out of the way, you should set your eyes on getting the Two to Tango Triumph, which we also wrote about. Make sure to check out our Destiny 2 archives for even more guides.