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Lord Shaxx may not be satisfied with only one complete Valor rank in Destiny 2. Good thing you can reset it.

Shaxx only wants the best and brightest participating in the Crucible. Those Guardians who seek fame and glory will polish their skills no matter the cost, even if it means resetting their Valor. This guide will show you how to reset Valor once you reach the top in Destiny 2.

How to Reset Valor

The Crucible in Destiny 2 is a PvP mode where Guardians face each other to hone their skills to use against the growing darkness that threatens The Last City and its inhabitants. Guardians can earn weapons and armor as they play through matches, finish bounties, and by ranking up their Valor. Players who win a Crucible match will be rewarded with points (you get some points even if you lose), and even more points with each consecutive win (or solid individual performance) after that.

Valor has six ranks that Guardians can progress through on their way to reset. The ranks are listed below:

  • Guardian (0 rank points)
  • Brave (50 rank points)
  • Heroic (350 rank points)
  • Fabled (700 rank points)
  • Mythic (1150 rank points)
  • Legend (1800 rank points)

Once players reach 2000 points they have the option to reset their Valor and start the process over again. The steps to resetting are as follows.

  • Reach 2000 Valor points
  • Hover over Quickplay or (or other Valor related game mode)
  • Choose the option to reset

Resetting your Valor will let you rank up and earn even more rewards that can go towards increasing your Power. Resetting also lets you earn certain Triumphs, but can only be done five times during a Season. The quickest way to get five resets is to play during increased Valor events like the Iron Banner.

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