How to Play the Tire Game in Destiny 2

How to Play the Tire Game in Destiny 2

Joining the ranks of Soccer and The Floor is Lava is a brand new game that will have you rolling. This is how you play the Tire Game.

The Moon is hiding all sorts of secrets in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, and players are discovering them. A new game is available to play in the Sanctuary called the Tire Game. Read on to find out how you can play the Tire Game in Destiny 2.

Play The Tire Game

Bungie is known for putting in fun little mini-games in Destiny and has put another one into its latest DLC. Joining The Floor is Lava and Soccer is this new Tire Game on the Moon. To begin the Tire Game, players will need to head to the Sanctuary located on the Moon and join Eris Morn.

Located near Eris is a console that once players walk up to it will receive one of two messages. Play Tire Game (5 Helium Filaments) or Insufficient Helium Filaments (Requires 5). Helium Filaments are the Moon’s resource that Guardians can find from resource nodes or opening chests.

Once the Tire Game begins, a tire will roll out of the hole next to the console. Players will need to get behind the tire and push it down the ramp in front of them. The tire will then roll down and bounce into one of the holes located at the bottom of the ramp.

Players are given three tries to get a score of low, average, or high. This is essentially a Bungie version of skeeball, and with the rules of skeeball in mind, the middle hole is worth the most points. Simply insert 5 more Helium Filaments to play again and try to get a high score or beat your friend’s score.

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