How to Kill Arunak in the Menagerie in Destiny 2

How to Kill Arunak in the Menagerie in Destiny 2

Arunak is pretty big, but the bigger they are, the harder they hit you. That's just physics.

Arunak, Beloved of Calus. Learn his name, for he will try and squash you. Today’s reset in Destiny 2 has set us up for another week of activities in the game. From Heroic Missions to Strikes, Nightfalls, and the Crucible, there are new treasures and rewards to be had. This also means a new boss to fight in the Menagerie. Up this week, Arunak, Beloved of Calus. Anurak is a Hive Ogre with a mean area-of-effect smash attack and some pretty brutal eye laser action. The fight itself is pretty straight forward, and there are only a couple of mechanics you will need to understand to take him down.

How to Kill Arunak in the Menagerie in Destiny 2

At the start of the fight, Arunak will be protected by a shield. This seems to be a pretty constant mechanic for Menagerie boss fights. To take down his protection, you will need to kill the exploding Thrall that will spawn in with waves of other Hive enemies. Upon death, they will drop an orb of energy that you can pick up, and throw at Arunak to damage his shield. Once you have thrown enough of them, you can damage his health bar directly. Group up with your fellow Guardians, and hit Arunak with your best weapons.

While you are damaging Arunak, he can still move around, so if you plan on using any area-of-effect buffs, place them carefully. A well-placed stomp from this boss can wipe your whole team. As such, caution is advised. Much like last week’s boss fight, the fight gets more and more difficult as time goes on. At first, small enemies will spawn. For the second wave, you will need to deal with Hive Wizards. The third wave involves massive Hive Knight enemies.

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There appears to be a secret Triumph attached to the fight. To get it, you need to kill Anurak without killing the Hive Knights. To do this, be careful with Rocket Launchers and Supers. You can also kite the Knights easily, but they do huge area-of-effect damage.

This is a pretty easy boss fight, and you shouldn’t have any trouble taking down Anurak. Just stay aware of your surroundings, work with your fellow Guardians, and you will have no issue taking down Anurak in Destiny 2.