How to Get Rice Cakes in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

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These tasty offerings are what those Jade Rabbit Statues want, but they won't be easy to find.

You must bring an offering to the Jade Rabbit statues on the Moon in Destiny 2‘s latest expansion to collect their treasure, and they crave only one thing. This guide will show you how to get rice cakes in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep.

What are Rice Cakes?

Scattered across the Moon hidden away from sight are 10 Jade Rabbit statues. These statues contain valuable treasure that guardians can obtain by offering a special treat. This offering is none other than rice cakes.

The offering of rice cakes to the Jade Rabbit Statues is similar to the Cat Statues on the Dreaming City. Rice cakes can be obtained in several ways and are a rare drop, so you’ll have to grind a little for them. Here are a few ways you can earn rice cakes.


One of the ways to earn rick cakes is to obtain patrols scattered throughout the Moon. You’ll pick up patrols from the Nightmare Guardians or Toland in each region.

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Material Collection

In your travel throughout the Moons, the surface is materials you can pick up that are used to upgrade weapons, armor, and purchase items. Simply picking up a pile of Helium Filaments may grant you a rice cake.

High-Value Targets

HVTs, or High-Value Targets, can be tough to beat if you aren’t powerful enough. Taking down one of these HVTs can grant you some good loot and a chance to get a rice cake.

Chests and Champions

If you’ve found a pile of Helium Filaments, chances are a chest is also nearby. While these chests usually hold Glimmer and materials, they do offer an opportunity for a rare drop. Rice cakes can also be obtained by defeating Champions and opening the chest.

Public Events

Public events provide a chance for all sorts of rewards that guardians can obtain. One of those rewards is the tasty rice cakes the Jade Rabbits like so much.

Now that you know what the Jade Rabbit Statues need, check out our Jade Rabbit Statue locations guide and all of our other Destiny 2: Shadowkeep content.

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