How to Get No Cloak on Your Hunter – Destiny 2

Get a fresh look and no cloak on your Hunter in Destiny 2.

Season of the Splicer in Destiny 2 has brought the long-awaited Transmog system. One class getting a fashion upgrade is the Hunter. This guide will show you how to get no cloak on your Hunter in Destiny 2.

How to Get No Cloak on Your Hunter

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The key to achieving the no cloak look is to combine the “Couturier Mask” and “Legatus Cloak”

As a Hunter main, it can be difficult to find a good cloak to go along with the rest of your armor. The hood on some cloaks covers too much of the helmet and on others covers too little. Sometimes the shader you want doesn’t look good on the cloak. If only there was some way to remove the cloak all together.

This is where Reddit user u/GREEFI comes to the rescue of all the Hunters in Destiny 2. In a post in the popular r/DestinyFashion subreddit, GREEFI shows how Hunters can get a fresh look that requires no cloak.

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Guardians will, however, need to spend a little Silver to make this happen. Getting the no cloak look requires Hunters to purchase this season’s helmet ornament, the “Couturier Mask”, from the Eververse store. Suddenly, the Couturier Mask has quickly become one of my favorite helmets in Destiny 2.

The other piece to the No Cloak puzzle is the “Legatus Cloak” ornament from Season of the Chosen. When you combine the “Legatus Cloak” ornament with the “Couturier Mask”, it gives the Hunter a no cloak look. This is because the “Legatus Cloak” ornament is technically a hood and not a cloak.

I have always wanted a no cloak look for my Hunter, as I have been running a no hood look with the Wild Hunt Cloak. Plus, this means no more issues with my cloak glitching out and appearing to be a mile long. For more guides and news, stay tuned to our Destiny 2 archives.