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Turn the tide with this new exotic weapon in Destiny 2. This is how to get the Heir Apparent and make the Cabal fear you even more.

Season of the Worthy has brought a lot of really great weapons for Guardians to get their hands on. A new exotic weapon has entered the fold and looks to make a name for itself. This guide will show you how to get Heir Apparent in Destiny 2.

How to Get Heir Apparent

Guardian Games has brought a new exotic weapon for Guardians to earn while they fight to make their specific class number one. Obtaining the new Exotic Machine Gun Heir Apparent will take some time, as you will need to complete the Class Act Triumph first.

Class Act Triumph

Before you begin your journey to complete the Class Act Triumph, you first have to visit Eva Levante in the Tower. Once you speak to Eva, you will need to register for the Guardian Games. Registering allows any PvE and PvP activity you do to count towards your progress for Class Act.

In order to complete the Class Act Triumph, you must complete any seven Guardian Games 2020 Triumphs. There are 11 Triumphs total and we have them listed below.

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  • Star Athlete – Complete all Triumphs for the Guardian Games 2020.
  • Great Deeds – Collect laurels in Gambit matches, strikes, forges, and on destinations.
    • Gambit – 2-0/400 laurels
    • Strikes – 0/500 laurels
    • Forges – 0/600 laurels
    • Destinations – 0/1,000 laurels
  • Show Your Colors – Earn points by completing Guardian Games bounties. Weekly = 4 points Daily = 2 points Repeatable = 1 point
  • World Class – During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem forge or destination medals.
  • Gold Medalist – During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem gold medals.
    • Medals redeemed 0/30
  • Represent – Defeat combatants with abilities in Vanguard strikes and Nightfalls.
  • Guardian Gamble – During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem Gambit medals.
  • Renowned – Earn points by collecting laurels from super, grenade, and charged melee final blows. Your own class = 3 points Other classes = 1 point
  • Medalist – During the Guardian Games 2020, redeem any medals.
  • Quintuple Threat – Redeem a gold medal for Crucible, Gambit, strikes, destinations, and forges.
    • Crucible – 0/1
    • Gambit – 0/1
    • Strikes – 0/1
    • Destination – 0/1
    • Forges – 0/1
  • Embrace the Light – Defeat Guardians with Supers in the Rumble.

If you want to check out the list of Triumphs in-game, open your Inventory, select Triumphs, find the Seasonal tab, select Events, and finally select Guardian Games. Now that you know how to get Heir Apparent, check out our Destiny 2 archives for even more content.

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