How to Complete Siviks’s Delivery Note – Destiny 2

How to Complete Siviks’s Delivery Note – Destiny 2

Track down the high-value target needed to complete Siviks’s Delivery Note in Destiny 2 to unlock the Gofannon Forge.

As part of the quest for unlocking the Gofannon Forge, Destiny 2 tasks you with completing Siviks’s Delivery Note. This delivery note only has a single requirement, though it’s not clear how to complete it.

How to Complete Siviks’s Delivery Note

The quest for unlocking the Gofannon Forge on Nessus is a lengthy one requiring farming specific parts and killing lots of enemies. However, one step that tends to trip up players is Siviks’s Delivery Note. High-value targets (HVT) must be killed in order to complete the delivery note. However, you can’t kill just any HVTs.

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Head to Nessus to find the roaming Captain you must kill for the high-value target requirement.

To finish Siviks’s Delivery Note, you must kill a specific high-value target on Nessus. The note reads:

The tainted Black Armory gear found in the EDZ appears to have come from an unexpected location: Nessus

Track down roaming Captains on Nessus to further pinpoint where the tainted gear originates from.

What this means is you must defeat a certain roaming Fallen Captain on Nessus. These roaming targets only appear in certain areas and the only place you can find a Fallen Captain is near the Exodus Black crash site.

  1. Go to Nessus
  2. Spawn at the Exodus Black crash site
  3. Wait for the roaming Fallen Captain to appear
  4. Kill the captain

Once the Fallen Captain dies, Siviks’s Delivery Note will complete. Rumor has it that you do not actually need to get the killing hit on the Captain, that you need only damage it. In the event you do not finish this part of the Gofannon Forge unlocking when the Captain dies, you will need to wait for him to spawn again.

With the Gofannon Forge unlocked, you’ll be one step closer to unlocking all the forges, including the powerful Bergusia Forge – which is where you can find the Bergusian Night shader. For more helpful how-tos, check out the Guide Stash Destiny 2 page!