Fastest Adventures to Finish in Destiny 2

Fastest Adventures to Finish in Destiny 2

Find the fastest Adventures in Destiny 2 so you can quickly complete any bounty that asks you to run through multiple times.

Finding the fastest Adventure in Destiny 2 is going to be important for a lot of players. When the game tasks you with completing Adventures before it lets you move on to the next step, you’re going to want it get it done as quickly as possible. While most of these small story missions are quick, there are some that are faster and easier to finish than others.

Fastest Adventures to Finish

Each of the planets in Destiny 2 have Adventures that can be completed. There are some that are relatively quick, and others that are slow. An example of slow Adventures would be any that take place on Mercury. On Mercury, you cannot use your sparrow, and each mission takes you through the long and winding Infinite Forest.

So here are two of the fastest Adventures in Destiny 2, and they’re also pretty easy, even on their Heroic modes.


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The Hephaestus Adventure on Mars is one of the fastest to complete.

Hephaestus is an Adventure that takes place on Mars. You must head to Ana Bray in the Braytech Futurescape building and select this mission from her inventory. If she only has the Heroic version, that is okay.

The objectives in this mission are simple:

  1. Destroy 2 computer terminals
  2. Go into Alton Dynamo
  3. Scan 2 terminals
  4. Defend against a Hive assault

The main time-consuming part will be scanning each of the terminals inside the data backups area, followed by fighting Hive. If you die during this section, you will need to scan them again. However, it’s all rather quick.

A Frame Job

The other fast Adventure is A Frame Job on the EDZ. This mission is for Devrim Kay. To complete this side quest, you must go into the mine to sabotage some Fallen and then set a trap for some Cabal.

  1. Go into the mine
  2. Kill Fallen and scan equipment
  3. Travel through teleporter
  4. Set up the trap and kill the Cabal

It’s a devilishly easy Adventure to complete as it has a rather low Power level requirement. Simply stand in a safe place and kill the Cabal as they march up the hill.

Finding the fastest Adventures in Destiny 2 isn’t tough. All these little missions are pretty simple, though there are a few that standout as the best to run when you’re looking to grind out nine or more of them. Be sure to check out Guide Stash’s Destiny 2 page for even more guides about Bungie’s latest and greatest looter shooter.