Dust Lore Locations in The Reckoning – Destiny 2

Dust Lore Locations in The Reckoning – Destiny 2

Dust Lore locations revealed in The Reckoning.

The Reckoning is hiding small gold capsules that contain the Dust Lore triumphs. In this guide, we show you where they are.

The Reckoning Tier 1 Dust Lore Locations

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The Reckoning is the new PvE mode in Destiny 2 that pits you against waves of enemies and is hiding new collectibles for the Dust Lore triumph. You don’t get a special title for collecting them all, but they hold some valuable information and fill up a triumph spot.

The Red Box


Once you spawn into The Reckoning, you will jump onto a walkway on the right-hand side. Follow the walkway towards the gate, turn right and the first Dust Lore will be located against the wall.

The Stacks


From the spawn point, turn right and head down the corridor. Jump over the railing; look for the pipe, and the prompt on your screen. This one is located in the dark, so seeing the prompt on your screen to pick it up is helpful.

The Bone


Beginning from the spawn point, head back down the corridor on your right. Instead of jumping over the railing, keep following the path through the snow-covered area to a small room. The Bone is located on the second shelf near the red boxes.

The Kell


Standing at the spawn point, jump onto the platform on your left, and drop down on the walkway. Finally, drop down to the floor facing the wall. The Kell will be located against the wall in the dark. Look for the on-screen prompt.

The Leviathan


After you go through the gate, you will want to run straight towards the upside down triangle. Walking on the longest rock formation, turn left, and drop down on the next beam. Turn and face the way you just came to find The Leviathan. You will need to crouch to get this one.

The Gate


Once you go through the portal, start heading towards the upside down triangle. Instead of running all the way to the triangle, veer right and head northeast towards a column with a sphere on it. The Gate is located in a small dip.

The Declaration


The Declaration requires you to jump into the portal located in the pit just under the upside down triangle. After jumping down, you will be looking for a giant pillar on the left-hand side.  Run along the left-hand side, while trying not to get killed if you run into some enemies. Get onto the bridge, stick to the left-hand side, try not to fall, and The Declaration will be located at the very end against the wall.

The Reckoning Tier 2 Dust Lore Locations

The Nine


After finishing the first round of The Reckoning, a door will open leading to a hallway. Once you enter the hallway, look in the left corner for The Nine.

The Dust


After constructing the bridge, a portal will open to the boss room. Jump through the portal and run straight for the light directly across from you. Once you see a pillar on the right in the water, jump to the outside edge and you will see The Dust sitting in the corner.

These are the nine Dust Lore locations in The Reckoning. Once you’ve collected all of them, you will complete the triumph.